1" Diameter Aluminum Crank Mandrels

A Crank Mandrel allows you to move your crank shaft pulleys in and out for perfect, and easy, pulley alignment. A wide range of pulleys are available for this design in various diameters and styles. They make it very easy to mount Vacuum Pumps, Alternators, Oil Pumps and other crank driven equipment with ease.

These 6061 T6 Aluminum 3-bolt Crankshaft Mandrel with 1" industry standard shaft size attaches to front of balancer and locates with a lip on the balancer for perfect concentricity. Utilizes a 1/8" standard keyway slot which allows you to use this mandrel with pulleys from many different manufactors, including GZ Motorsports.

SBC Crank Mandrel
Part # CM200A

Only $121.00
LSX / LS Crank Mandrel
Part # CM200B

Only $121.00
BBC Crank Mandrel
Part # CM201A

Only $121.00
SBF Crank Mandrel
Part # CM202A

Only $121.00
BBF Crank Mandrel
Part # CM203A

Only $132.00
Mopar Crank Mandrel
Part # CM204A

Only $150.00