Big Block Mopar Gains a Tenth With GZ Vacuum Pump

Toms Tech Tips - Vacuum Pump Install

Tom Roschen from "Tom's Tech Tips" recently did a story on his install of a GZ Vacuum Pump Kit on his Big Block Mopar. Tom 's car picked up a solid tenth in back to back tests while pulling 11 inches of Vacuum! Not a bad investment at all.


LSXTV & LME Dyno Test Pump Gas 454 Pump Gas Engine 454 LSX Dyno Test with GZ Sportsman Vacuum Pump and Late Model Engines (LME) dyno test a Naturally Aspirated 454 LSX engine equipped with the GZ Motorsports Sportsman Vacuum Pump.


Project Big Block Brawler hits 1180 hp

RPM Magazine Big Block Brawler Project Engine

RPM Magazine's latest engine project "Big Block Brawler" has hit the dyno fully equiped with a GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pump System and the results are impressive for a pump gas designed engine!


All New Sportsman Vacuum Pump from GZ Motorsports

New Tight Clearance VP102 Vacuum Pump by GZMS

GZ Motorsports is proud to announce the upcoming release of an all new Racing Vacuum Pump specifically designed to fit in the close confines of late model high performance engine bays including LSX and Mod Motor applications.


GZ Vacuum Pump Chosen for BLP Dominator Carb Shootout

Steve Schmidt Racing Engines 618 BBC Dyno Mule

GZ Motorsports is proud to be chosen as the Vacuum Pump Supplier of choice for the upcoming "Carb Shootout at the BLP Corral" taking place in Orlando starting on November 26th. The "very healthy" Big Block Chevy built by Steve Schmidt Racing Engines will be used as the test mule engine, it features a GZMS VP104N Super Pro Pump limited to about 20 in. hg. and makes 1235 HP, needless to say it's a serious build.