CMP300 3.5" Tooth V Belt Drive Crank Mandrel Pulley
V Belt Crank Mandrel Pulleys
CMP300 3 1/2" Shown

V Belt Crank Mandrel Pulleys

For 1" Shaft Standard Crank Mandrel
Part # CMP Series
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Features: V Belt Crank Mandrel pulley for 1" diameter crank mandrels with 1/8" keyway.
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Crank Mandrel V Belt Pulleys

These V Belt Pulleys are designed to be used with any 1" diameter Crank Mandrel that uses a 1/8" Keyway, which is a racing industry standard size. These are one piece pulleys and feature Two - 1/4-20 NC set screws to fix location on the mandrel. V Pulleys are offered in multiple sizes for different applications, the common ones are listed below.

  • 3.5" OD Vacuum Pump Applications
  • 4.5" OD typically used for Alternators
  • 5.5" OD typically used for Alternators

Pulley RPM Calculator

GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pumps should avoid shaft RPM's in excess of 6000 RPM Pump Speed (not engine speed). The Formula used is Vacuum Pump RPM = Engine RPM x Crank Pulley OD/Vacuum Pump Pulley OD

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Crank Pulley Dia:  

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