1 in Dia 3 Bolt SBC Crankshaft Mandrel
1 in Dia 6 Bolt Mopar Crankshaft Mandrel

1" Dia Mopar Crankshaft Mandrel

6 Bolt Mount fits both Big and Small Block Mopar
Part # CM204A
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Features: The BBM/SBM Mandrel uses the 6 bolt pattern and uses flat head countersunk allen head bolts. Use a 3 bolt Chevy bolt pattern crank trigger wheel bolted to the front face of the mandrel.

Designed for both Big and Small Block Mopars

6061 T6 Aluminum 6-bolt Crankshaft Mandrel with 1" industry standard shaft size attaches to front of balancer and locates with a lip on the balancer for perfect concentricity. Utilizes a 1/8" standard keyway slot which allows you to use this mandrel with pulleys from many different manufactures, including GZ Motorsports. The 7/16" threaded hole may be drilled to 7/16" to allow installation of an extra long crank bolt if desired, GZ Motorsports can do this upon request. This mandrel uses a 3 bolt Chevy Pattern on the face to attach a Crank Trigger wheel.

All mandrels are designed to be attached to the balancer using the pulley mounting holes located on the balancer. This allows the crank bolt and washer to remain in place as required by aftermarket balancer manufactures. All mandrels come with a 4" long spacer so that each mandrel pulley can be accurately located on the mandrel by cutting each to length and an end cap and bolt. The mandrels can be shortened as desired as the threaded 7/16 center hole is 2" deep. Each mandrel is of length to allow a mandrel pulley to be at a maximum distance of 4.5" from the back side mounting face, or face of balancer. All mandrels are compatible with crank trigger wheels either located on the balancer, or mandrel side.


  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • 6 Bolt Mopar Pulley Mount Pattern
  • 3 Bolt Front Mount for Chevy Crank Trigger Wheel
  • Industry Standard 1" Diameter Shaft
  • 1/8" Keyway
  • Includes Hardware