1 in Dia 3 Bolt SBC Crankshaft Mandrel
1" Dia 3 Bolt LSX / LS Crankshaft Mandrel

1" Dia Crankshaft Mandrel for LSX Chevy

3 Bolt Balancer Mount Design
Part # CM200B
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Features: This LSX / LS mandrel uses 3 bolts to both hold the mandrel in place plus a machined lip to center it on the balancer so that a crank trigger may be installed under it. Specifically designed for use on the late model LS engines using an aftermarket balancer (ATI or Innovators West). Uses 1" ID Pulleys with 1/8" Keyway. Please see application notes in Details tab below.

ARP Crank Bolts

If you're using an ARP Crank Bolt, this CM200B crank mandrel will not work. Please use the CM200A SBC Mandrel instead, it is compatible with the ARP crank bolts.

Not Compatible with ATI 25% Reduced Diameter Balancers

This CM200B crank mandrel will not work with ATI's 25% reduced diameter dampners as the bolt circle on that model has a reduced diameter bolt circle from stock. In addition, the dampner's recess is reduced in diameter from standard size.

Not Compatible with ATI Balancer Part # 085-017776

ATI Part # 085-017776 does not have the serpentine belt grooves in it. That model # uses a BBC balancer bored to the correct crankshaft hole for the LSX. For that ATI unit please use our standard Big Block Chevy # CM201A.

LSX High Performance Crank Shaft Mandrel for Late Model Hot Rods

This mandrel is for use on LSX engine applications that do not use a belt tensioner. It requires at least 5" clearance in front of the balancer and uses standard racing pulleys to drive alternators, vacuum pumps, fuel pumps, and other accessories. The beauty of a crank mandrel is you can adjust the pulleys where you need them to align with your belt driven accessories and it works great with crank trigger wheels.

The 6061 T6 Aluminum LSX Chevy crank mandrel, part number CM200B, bolts to the face of the balancer using the 3 bolt holes that are located per traditional Chevrolet specifications. ATI specifically states that this is a requirement for their balancers. The mandrel comes with a 4" long spacer that is cut to fit by the user and sections placed between the pulleys in order to correctly space them, plus an end cap and end cap bolt. A full length 1/8" keyway slot is machined into the mandrel which is a standard drive feature for most crank mandrel pulleys.

GZ Motorsports LLC also offers three gilmer pulleys for standard 1/2" wide X 3/8" pitch gilmer belts (14 tooth, 21 tooth and 28 tooth) as well as two v-belt pulleys(3.5" & 4.5").


  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • 3 Bolt LSX OEM Pulley Mount Pattern
  • Industry Standard 1" Diameter Shaft
  • 1/8" Keyway
  • Includes Hardware