Racing Vacuum Pumps

GZ pumps generate more vacuum, flow more air and are more reliable than the others. You won't be needing to take ours apart all the time to clean it either! GZ carbon fiber vanes with Rulon wipers seal better than anything else available which translates to less overall operating cost for your race car. Another feature you'll like is that they cost less than others, that's right, you get more pump for less money...

VP104 Super Pro  33 CFM Vacuum Pump
Part # VP104

Only $589.00
Super Pro Vacuum Pump Complete Kit
Part # CPVK104

Starting at $999.00
LSX Super Pro Vacuum Pump Complete Kit

Starting at $1099.00
Mitsubishi 4G63T Vacuum Pump Complete Kit
Part # 4G63T101

Only $914.00


What makes GZ Pumps Different?

While most vacuum pumps may appear to work the same, the fact is there are major differences on the inside, where it counts. Our recently redesigned Pro Racing Vacuum Pump is a purpose built pump specifically designed for the hot, wet and oily environment found in race car crankcase vapors.

An all new diecasting, only available from GZ Motorsports, forms the core of the new pump with much closer tolerences than previous models enhancing it's air flow potential. Closer tolerences in the new diecasting allow the Pro Pump to generate 26% more air flow than similar sized competitors pumps! Updates also include improved and beefed up port locations, totally rebuildable bearing sections and long life wipers.

As with all GZ Vacuum Pumps, Rulon Wipers are still used exclusively as it's the best material to use for tough hot and oily applications that we've found. In fact, this pump can suck in and spit out anything but metal without sticking! In fact recent durability testing we've conducted with our new extended life wipers proved that this pump can run 500 hours at 3500 RPM with a light oil mist and still maintain full vacuum! Compare that service life with any other brand pump and you'll find nothing else comes close to lasting that long.

With GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pumps there is no need to spray brake cleaner into the pump between rounds to keep the internal vanes from sticking, a necessity with all other brands of pumps because they aren't designed to run in an oily atmosphere. Unlike the others, GZ pumps use a proven vane design that doesn't stick!

Quieter Operation - Want to run a vacuum pump on a street car? You don't want an annoying click click click to give away what you have under the hood, GZ Motorsports Vacuum pumps are much quieter than the competition whose pumps make a loud clicking sound as they rotate, when they work correctly. GZ operates quietly, and stealthy under your hood without annoying click clicks...