Project Big Block Brawler hits 1180 hp

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Project Big Block Brawler

RPM Magazine's latest engine project "Big Block Brawler" has hit the dyno fully equiped with a GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pump System and the results are impressive for a pump gas designed engine!

GZ Motorsports Super Pro Vacuum Pump Kit was used for maintaining crankcase vacuum on the little 489 cubic inch Big Block Chevy built by Tommy Eufemia at Bad Attitude Racing Engines. A vacuum pump is a very good idea on a Nitrous engine as oil in the combustion chamber can be the kiss of death to one of these engines. Crankcase vacuum helps seal the rings, and if you monitor crankcase vacuum, you can also tell when the rings become unhappy due to an unsafe tuneup.

RPM Magazines
Project Big Block Brawler Video 2

The Brawler also features a 10:1 "Pump Gas Friendly" compression ratio, Pro-Filer 24 Degree Heads and Sniper Jr. Intake along with one of Pro Systems SV1 Single Barrel Racing Carbs. The power adder is Nitrous sprayed through a Nitrous Supply annular plate which has some real nice distribution shown in the video. If you watch the video you can see the spray shooting down the neck of the intake - really cool angle we haven't seen filmed before.

Pick up the latest copy of RPM Magazine to check out the full build on this nasty little street/strip beast.