All New Sportsman Vacuum Pump from GZ Motorsports

New Tight Clearance VP102 Vacuum Pump by GZMS
New GZ Motorsports
VP102 Sportsman Vacuum Pump

GZ Motorsports is proud to announce the upcoming release of an all new Racing Vacuum Pump specifically designed to fit in the close confines of late model high performance engine bays including LSX and Mod Motor applications.

Based on the design of it's race proven Big Brother, the GZ Super Pro Series Vacuum Pump, the Sportsman Series is a highly efficient pump designed for engines making 700 hp or less. It features both side and rear ports allowing installation in tight engine compartments and more mounting locations on late model cars. The new die casting features all the built in enhancements that have proven so effective on the GZ Super Pro Pump, just shrunken down to fit todays Muscle Cars.

New Features Include:

  • Side or Rear Port Locations
  • Built in Inlet & Exhaust Manifolds Increase CFM
  • Street or Strip
  • Fits Tight Locations
  • Attractive Polished Case

The new pump is slated for release during the Summer of 2012. For Details and Dealership opportunities, contact GZ Motorsports at (270) 856-8890 or