Tests Big 454 LSX Equipped with GZ Sportsman Vacuum Pump in conjuction with Late Model Engines of Houston, Texas dyno tested a stout Pump Gas 454 cubic inch LSX engine equipped with a GZ Motorsports Sportsman Vacuum Pump Kit recently and picked up some decent power. When we saw the results of the test, initially we were a bit disappointed to only see a small horsepower increase, as our experience has typically rewarded higher horsepower results.

LSXTV's 454 LSX Project

However, after talking to Brian Neelen from LME, even though the Sportsman Pump was pulling in excess of 15" of vacuum, this particular engine in an iron block with gas ported pistons and moly rings had very good ring seal to start with, hence the small improvements. That made more sense to us as higher crankcase vacuum typically yields the biggest rewards in engines that need help with ring sealing due to aluminum blocks, low tension rings, and/or power adders.

Brian is getting ready to do another test soon on an even larger LSX based engine which will likely see even higher horsepower improvements from the use of a vacuum pump, so we're looking forward to seeing how that project works out as well. While we love seeing results of 50+ hp increases with our pumps, it's good to know even on the lower end of the scale there are improvements with engines that already have great ring seal.

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