VP102N Sportsman Vacuum Pump with Side Inlets
VP102 Sportsman Vacuum Pump shown with
UVPM Bracket (available separately)

Sportsman 22 cfm Racing Vacuum Pump

Designed for 600 hp and less
Part # VP102
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Features: Side Inlet & Outlet, includes #10 AN fittings, Carbon Fiber Vanes and Rulon Wipers for long life. Pulley & Mounting Bracket Available Separately.

Polished aluminum case with #10 anodized aluminum Fragola fittings, Carbon Fiber Vanes and Rulon Wipers. All pumps are long lived with oil mist passing through them. NO requirement for cleaning before each trip to the racetrack. Vacuum pumps are tested to insure quality on a "pump dyno" with a vacuum gauge and a volumetric gauge on the suction side. Test vacuum @3500 rpm and date of assembly are noted on the front of the pump. Pumps come with #10 AN blue anodized Fragola Aluminum fittings for In and Out. Vacuum pumps are also compared at 3500 rpm in order to help you choose the pump best for you.

VP102 / VP101A CFM Flow Rates


  • 5" deep x 5" diameter
  • Shipping Weight 6 lbs
  • Polished Aluminum Case
  • Carbon Fiber Vanes
  • Rulon Wipers
  • Includes #10 AN Fittings
  • Tests at 19" to 22" hg
  • 22 cfm for Maximum Vacuum
  • Pulley & Brackets Available Separately

VP102 & VP104 Bolt Pattern Schematic

With GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pumps there is no need to spray brake cleaner into the pump between rounds to keep the internal vanes from sticking, a necessity with all other brands of pumps because they aren't designed to run in an oily atmosphere. Unlike the others, GZ pumps use a proven vane design that doesn't stick!